Data Protection

Homeless Connect respects the confidentiality of all users. Any information you share with us will be kept within the organisation. We promise to

  • process your information lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner
  • only use your information for the purposes for which it is obtained
  • not hold more information about you than we need
  • keep your information up to date and accurate
  • only keep your information for as long as we need then dispose of it securely
  • respect your data protection rights (see below)
  • keep your information secure
  • keep your information in countries that protect your data protection rights. 

If your case is taken on, Homeless Connect may have to share some of your personal information with other organisations in order to resolve the case.  We will obtain your permission before doing this

In exceptional circumstances, Homeless Connect may be required by law, a court order, or by our own child protection policy, to disclose information to a third party. Whilst required to comply with this request, Homeless Connect will make all reasonable efforts to advise the client prior to any such disclosure of information.

We will not share your information with others unless:

  • you agree
  • we are required by law to share the information or
  • we are authorised by law to share the information and believe it is important to do so.
  • we have serious concerns about your safety and have to contact a relevant organisation

You can get in touch with us at any time to ask:

  • What information we have stored about you
  • To change or update your details
  • To delete your details from our records
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