Helping people settle in

Moving home can be stressful, complicated, and expensive – even more so if you’ve recently experienced homelessness.

The Home Starter Pack Project is designed to help make the transition from homelessness to more settled accommodation easier.

Recognising that after a period of homelessness, people have lost many if not all their material possessions, we run a scheme where organisations can support individuals they are working with who are moving from temporary accommodation into new tenancies. Our packs can help people make a new start.

What is a Home Starter Pack?

Home Starter Packs are essential in helping to ensure a good start, or restart, after some time without a permanent home. By providing packs of essential household goods to those moving into a new tenancy, we can help make a house feel like a home, and help people keep their tenancy going. This in turn helps reduce the likelihood of future homelessness.

How to get a Home Starter Pack?

Who is eligible for a Home Starter Pack?
The scheme is intended for people moving to new tenancies, rather than those already settled in a tenancy.

Can I apply for the scheme as an individual?
To access the scheme, speak to a staff member at the Homelessness Services that supports you or to NIHE. Members of the public cannot apply directly for a Home Starter Pack. Applications should be made through selected homelessness organisations or the Housing Executive. All other agencies should apply through the Housing Executive.

Who sets the criteria?
Criteria is set by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and is based on Full Duty Applicant status, also known as FDA.

I’m not FDA, can I apply?
Usually only those who are FDA are able to get a pack. But the Housing Executive can decide that people who are not FDA can receive a pack under special circumstances. Members of the public cannot apply. You can go through the NIHE who will decide whether to apply for you.

How many packs can I get?
Applicants can receive one pack. If you applied before, but didn’t get a pack, you can ask the NIHE or homelessness organisation you are in contact with to check if you’re eligible. (If you are not FDA, you must go to the NIHE).

How long will it take to get my pack?
Members of the public (e.g. person moving in to the new home, their friends, or family) cannot pick up the pack. The pack should be collected by the organisation that made the application. We advise that an extra pair of hands is brought when collecting as, unfortunately, we do not have the staff to assist with moving packs. It is the responsibility of that organisation who made the application on behalf of the recipient to make sure they get the pack. It takes about a week (no more than 10 days) for a decision to be made on a pack application.

Apply here

Start your application here (agency only)

If you have any other questions about our Home Starter Pack scheme please get in touch. We’d be happy to help as best we can.

Speak to Kathy on 07493358822 / 02890 000 000 or email us

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